About YouthVibe

The most awaited event of the year, the mega youth fest, YouthVibe 2020 is going to be held from 13th to 16th February 2020.

YouthVibe: LPU’s Global Open Fest is the ultimate masquerade of fun, games, cultural fiestas, live pro shows, social summits and an exclusive fete. Youthvibe is much more than just competitions and cultural showcases, it is an all you can eat buffet, with delicacies for everyone, from exotic dishes for the foodies, to exciting challenges for the sports enthusiast, from an overload of geek pitstops for the nerds, to ravishing soul food for the hippie in you, from heart thumping concerts and aesthetic carnivals to social summits for addressing issues and tackling problems, all bought together in a charming celebration of youth, talent, learning and life.

This year we have stepped it up a notch, by taking an oath to fulfil the dreams of all those who ponder at the skies and dream, dream without restrictions and dream without limitations. The theme of Youthvibe 2020, “Kingdom of Dreams”, reflects this very idea. We have invited several reputed NGO’s and have taken the initiative to organise the very first social summit, all just to help fulfil the dreams of underprivileged kids. LPU will be nothing short of a kingdom, where culture meets innovation, and dreams meet reality. A kingdom where you can spread your wings and finally take flight towards the unknown.

You will have it all at your fingertips, be it riddles of technology or subtlety of unmatched creativity. From the carnival of dreams, to the tireless pro shows, your taste buds will be left mesmerised by the concoction that we have prepared for you. For the cultural enthusiast that you are, we have the “Aesthetic Fiesta”, a cultural amalgamation of lifestyle, fine arts, dance, music and theatre. For the inner techno geek and the not-so-subtle cooperate tycoon in you, we have “Agastya”, the mega technical and management fest, comprising of events that’ll have you use your wits to its utmost capabilities. We have an array of hurdles for all those sports enthusiasts who aims to surpass their limits and reach greater heights. And last but never the least, for the literary pundit that you aspire to be, we have for you Youthvibe’s premier Literary and Media fest, set up to test your mettle and to rack your brains. This year, Youthvibe will be a rollercoaster, each second more enticing, each performance more enthralling, and each victory all the more glorious than the last. So, come and join us to bask together with this unlimited package of unflinching learning, fun and joy for 3 days.

Well then, buckle up and get ready to witness our mega fest, bigger and better than ever before.