The most important part of your job is to make students in your college aware of YouthVibe and ensure maximum participation in the events that will be a part of it. Most of this will be done by sharing the posts from our Facebook page on your timeline and to the other Facebook groups of our college students. The same can to be done through WhatsApp groups, but make sure you've already shared the posts on Facebook.

Guidelines for College Ambassador

  • Your role is to ensure that maximum people visit our website and register as soon as the registrations begin), This is the task which will require your communication skills and convincing abilities, but this will be the most important and the most rewarding task. To help you out here, we suggest that you focus your attention on the cultural clubs and societies of your college, say the Dance club, the Dramatics club, the Music club etc and personally talk and convince the members and coordinators of these clubs to register in various events of YouthVibe, also talk to the old participants as they might be interested and can help you get more participants.

  • Ensure that the people viewing the posts on our Facebook and Instagram page areas many as possible. Like and follow our Facebook and Instagram page and convince others to do the same. Also, invite people to like our page, this can be easily done by using 'invite all extensions of your internet browser (preferably come), you can also send the link of our Facebook and Instagram page personally to your close friends and make them do the same.

  • The event's posters will be released on the Facebook and Instagram page of YouthVibe, which should be shared in different groups on Facebook as well as WhatsApp All these activities have points and the screenshots of the posts shared by you will help you earn them.

  • You will be required to print some posters on an A3 sheet of paper or bigger) and paste them at various active and lively areas of your college like the cafeteria, mess notice boards etc Share pictures of those posters along with students on the Facebook page of YouthVbe and use its screenshot to earn points.

  • You must take permissions from your Faculties (or DEAN Student Affairs) for organizing flash mobs and publicity drives in your colleges.

  • Check your Mail and WhatsApp regularly for the updates.

  • Deadlines are very important so make sure you adhere to them else you will lose some points.

Begin your work by liking and inviting others to like the Facebook page of YouthVibe (link is mentioned below) and thus share the existing videos and posts of YouthVibe and most importantly share the ‘College Ambassador’ post in Facebook and WhatsApp groups of other colleges. Here are the links to our various pages and websites.

Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/youthvibe

Instagram Page https://www.instagram.com/youthvibe

Points Table

Sl no. Task Points Points Breakup Remarks
1 Like the Facebook Page 5 PTS
2 Follow the instagram Page 5 PTS
3 Get people to like the page 5 - 15 friends: 5 PTS After 100+ friends: no of people x 1.5 pts
16 - 25 friends: 15 PTS
26 - 50 friends: 30 PTS
51 - 100 friends: 60 PTS
4 Share post on whatsapp group 2 PTS/GROUP SHARE There should be atleast 30 members in whatsapp group
5 Post as whatsapp status 5 points per status after a minimum of 50 views
10 points per status after a minimum of 200 views
6 Post on Facebook Group 5 PTS/GROUP SHARE There should be atleast 30 members in facebook group
7 Post as Facebook Story 5 points per status after a minimum of 50 views
10 points per status after a minimum of 200 views
8 Post as Instagram Story 7 points per status after a minimum of 100 views
15 points per status after a minimum of 300 views
9 Make them Register to YV 2020 5-10 participants:25 PTS After 50+ participants, the points will be added as 15 PTS/Participant
11-20 participants: 40 PTS
21-30 participants: 60 PTS
31-50 participants: 100 PTS
50+ participants: 500 PTS
10 Paste posters in crowded areas in your college 5 PTS/POSTER Send the photo of each pasted poster. Click the photo of all the posters together before pasting them
11 Contact detail of students/faculty for cultural activities 5 PTS/CONTACT
12 Organize a briefing for our team about your college 30 PTS
13 Arrange a meeting to your DSW Dean 50 PTS
14 Arrange a meeting to the various club’s representative 5 PTS/CLUB for student representative
10PTS/CLUB for faculty in charge
15 Send a mass mail to your college 50 PTS You must mark cc to the mail id: youthvibe@lpu.co.in


For the first 2 Days 2 PTS
From 3rd-7th Day 5 PTS
8th Day onwards 10 PTS

** Send all the screenshots to your CA coordinator on Whatsapp so that we can evaluate all the points. **


  • Top 50 CAs will get free pro-night passes
  • Cash Prize for Table Toppers:
    • 1st: Rs. 4500/-
    • 2nd: Rs. 3500/-
    • 3rd: Rs. 2000/-

In case of tie, the cash prize will be distributed among the rankers in equal proportion

  • ** Cash Prize will be awarded if there will be participation of minimum 50 CA’s. **
  • Top 10 CAs will get a certificate of excellence with their rank mentioned in it.
  • CAs who will bring more than 50 teams will get medal and t-shirt of YV 2020.
  • CAs who will bring more than 75 teams will get free goodies, medal and t-shirt of YV 2020 and goodies worth Rs 10,000/-

College Ambassadors will be awarded with incentives except North Campus colleges (Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana)

  • All remaining CAs will get certificate of participation.

"The above points are subject to changes in future and you will be notified about the changes through proper communication channel.”