Frequently Asked Questions

Registration & general

Q. How much is the registration fee??

Registration fee is ₹ 100/- per event per person (Accomodation is not included in this fee).

Q. Is money refundable??

Money is non-refundable in any case.

Q. What is the last date of the registration process for YouthVibe 2020??

The last date for registration is 10th February 2020

Q. What are General Guidelines?

General guidelines are the rules and regulations which apply on the participants irrespective of their competitions. Click here to read general guidelines or you can read all the general guidelines from link given in the footer section of our website.

Q. How do I register for Youth Vibe?

The registration link for YouthVibe is available at For further registration details, contact our call center at 8559048841

Q. What is the YV number?

YV number is a unique number that will be allotted to each participant on registering for YouthVibe. It helps us to distinguish between the thousands of students who come to attend our fest.

Q. Is the entry free?

No, Only those who have registered themselves in any competition can enter the university premises and attend YouthVibe 2020.

Q. Whom should I contact in case of an emergency during Youth Vibe?

The following numbers can be contacted in case of an emergency:

Q. Are cars allowed inside? Is parking available?

Yes, cars are allowed inside the campus. There will be designated parking areas for them.

Q. How can I go to LPU?

LPU is easily accessible by road as it lies on the Jalandhar-Delhi G.T. Road. The nearest railway stations are- Phagwara Junction, Jalandhar Cantt, and Jalandhar City. The nearest airport is the Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport, Amritsar.

Q. How far is LPU from the nearest airport?

It takes approximately 2 hrs (114km) to travel from the airport to LPU.

Q. What is the theme of Youth Vibe this year?

The theme of YouthVibe 2020 is "Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity".


Q. How much is the accomodation fee??

Accomodation fee is ₹ 100/- per day per person.

Q. Does the accommodation fee include the food facility as well?

No, it doesn't, you can arrange your food from the various KIOSKS and food courts available inside the university campus

Q. Would any transportation services be provided to reach the campus?

We have shuttle bus services from our nearby railway stations.

Q. Where will the accommodation be provided?

Accommodation will be provided inside the campus, in various hostels.

Q. What is the procedure to be followed after we reach LPU?

Once you reach inside our campus, we have registration desks set up at the entrance, from where you will be guided to your respective locations.


Q. Who can participate in these competitions? Is there any fee involved for registration?

Students who are currently studying in any university or college can participate in YouthVibe 2020. The fees for registration is Rs. 100 per person per event.

Q. Are on-spot registrations allowed during the fest?

Yes, On-spot registrations are allowed

Q. What is the date, time and venue for these competitions?

The entire schedule for YouthVibe 2020 is available at our website, also you can see the event list details in your profile section in which you have registered.

Multi Cities

Q. Can I participate in these competitions directly during Youth Vibe?

LPU students have to attend our in-campus qualifiers to participate in YouthVibe 2020. Students belonging to other universities can directly participate in YouthVibe 2020.